First Look Veils

Connie Carlson and Julie Largent are a mother/daughter team that has been very involved in the wedding industry for many years. Julie Largent is a certified wedding planner and has been active in the business for the past 13 years. Connie Carlson has designed and sewn bridal gowns, veils, and bridesmaid dresses for over 40 years. Together we have designed and completed the wedding décor for countless couples.

We decided to take our experience and focus on one area of weddings. We both love the creative process and really enjoy making the bride's day one of the best in her life. So, we chose the bridal veil and headpiece as the area of expertise to focus on. Being a part of so many weddings and seeing tons of pictures after the event, we noticed that in most pictures of the bride, the veil is the part of her attire that is most prominent. In fact, in most close up pictures, the dress doesn't show at all with today's popularity of the strapless gown. How many times have you watched the Bridal Dress shows on TV? Have you ever noticed that when the "veil" goes on, bridal magic happens? Those who weren't sold on the dress, all of a sudden love it. Many brides don't want to wear their mother's/grandmother's dress but love having her veil to wear.

"First Look Veils strives to make our bride's veil something that she will treasure and pass down for years to come making it a cherished family heirloom."


"First Look Veils' design and craftsmanship were amazing, and my veil came out absolutely perfect. There is no other veil in the world that would have been this perfect, and I thank First Look Veil for that. At the wedding I received so many compliments about how dramatic, beautiful, and well made the veil was. When the women from First Look Veils came to my dress fitting and saw the style of wedding dress I was going to be wearing, they both knew exactly the type of veil that would compliment me the best. When I saw the veil for the first time, it was perfect. The hand stitched delicate lace appliqués on the border matched the color and lace on the dress perfectly. It was just stunning. I am referring every soon-to-be bride that I know to First Look Veil because I would not have trusted anyone else with something so important. I felt beautiful on my wedding day and that’s what every bride needs to feel!!
- Gena"

"First Look Veils is owned by two professional and knowledgable ladies. Their work is exquisite, unique and a true work of art that can be handed down from generation to generation. Each piece is hand made and is truly a masterpiece." -Niki

Absolutely lovely and very well made. Highly recommend.
- ilevine 7/15

"Connie and Julie were very professional and friendly. They spent time getting to know the style of the bride and the feel of the event. They were never pushy with products, but allowed us to see every style that was available. Their veils are beautifully personal and unique. The detail work on each veil was stunning. Truly works of art!" -Tyler

"I was so blessed by First Look Veil's kindness, professionalism, and promptness. Connie and Julie were delightful to work with! I would recommend them to anyone in need of a veil." -Bailey

"I had such a wonderful experience working with First Look Veils. Their attention to detail and finished product was more than I ever dreamed of. They created a beautiful, handmade product that I will cherish forever. Thank You!!!" -Lindsay

"These viels are gorgeous! Completely hand made and one of a kind. Such gorgeous designs with top of the line material." -Anonymous

"My daughter's veil was exquisite! The co-owners, Julie and Connie, were very professional and a delight to work with. Their workmanship and attention to detail was excellent. Every bride deserves to feel beautiful on her wedding day. I would highly recommend anyone looking for that special veil or head piece to contact First Look Veils. " - Mother of the Bride

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